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IMO DANGEROUS GOODS DECLARATION 2 Transportation Document Number Page 1 of 1 14 Shipping Marks Number and Kind of Packages, Description of Goods GW (kg) CUBE (m3) Carrier: 10 Vessel/Flight and Date 11 Port/Place Handling 3 4 Shipper's Reference 5 Freight Forwarder's Reference 7 Carrier (to be declared by the Carrier) SHIPPER'S DECLARATION I hereby declare that the contents of this consignment. Dangerous Goods Declaration (IMO) In respect of international cargo transportation from the USA, the Dangerous Goods Declaration is a document prepared by an international shipper that certifies that the shipping from the USA dangerous goods is packaged, labeled, and declared complying with standards of IMO - International Maritime Organization

Dangerous Goods Declaration in shipping from the USA by sea is a document prepared by a consigner (international shipper) in order to certify that the transporting from the USA dangerous goods are packaged, labeled, and declared complying with standards in international cargo transportation by sea. Samples of Shipper's Declaration forms for international shipping from the USA are widely available online When shipping dangerous goods it is vital that your shipment is accompanied with the correct declaration. For sea shipments, a dangerous goods declaration needs to be completed known as an M041. Click to download the MO41 Dangerous goods form sample For air shipments, a similar document is required and can be downloaded here Carriage of dangerous goods by sea - documentation requirements. Dangerous Goods, Hazardous Cargo - whatever it is known as, these cargoes, as the word implies, have a very sensitive role in the shipping spectrum..It is equally important to ensure that the proper process is followed with regards to the hazardous application and acceptance of the same.

To ship dangerous goods, consignors are required to prepare a form certifying that the cargo has been packed, labeled and declared according with the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR). The attached sample Shipper's Declarations form reflect those that have been adopted into the 60th edition of the DGR. Forms of the design as shown in the 59th edition may continue to be used until 31 December 2024 Regardless of quantity, all dangerous goods must be declared. The customer must also be able to present the dangerous goods properly documented, packaged, stowed and labelled in accordance with the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code Dangerous Goods Regulations may be in breach of the applicable law, subject to legal penalties. Two completed and signed copies of this Declaration must be handed to the operator. TRANSPORT DETAILS This shipment is within the limitations prescribed for: (delete non-applicable ) Airport of Departure (optional): PASSENGER AND CARGO AIRCRAFT CARGO AIRCRAFT ONLY Shipment type: (delete non. A form to be filled in by individuals or companies who are exporting dangerous goods Sea Freight Road Freight Rail Freight Intermodal & Multimodal Time Critical Solutions Customs Dedicated Transport Solutions My Transport Service Heavy Haulage Bulk Freight Liquid Distribution Moving Dangerous Goods Specialised Freight Services Logistics. Logistics. We provide sophisticated supply chain solutions, from end-to-end or part solutions, warehousing and distribution to dedicated.

DANGEROUS GOODS SHIPPERS DECLARATION FOR ROAD, RAIL, & SEA IMPORTANT NOTE: This information is required under International & national law. Unless otherwise noted ALL sections below MUST be completed in detail SENDER: RECEIVER: STATE POSTCODE STATE POSTCODE Emergency Contact Name (24 hr): Telephone No(24 hr): (Record the information below for the Class of dangerous goods consigned) ITEM 1 ITEM. IMO Shipper's Declaration is the form used to describe hazardous materials in a container or shipping on a vessel. The IMO shippers declaration form is mandatory for shipments of dangerous goods by sea under the International Maritime Organization regulations

To declare Dangerous Goods for the international ocean freight shipment, before scheduling the shipment, shippers must complete and submit to an international shipping company used for the shipment a Dangerous Goods Declaration in a proper form acceptable by the international shipping company. Upon the approval, it will be submitted along with the international shipment to the international. Dangerous Goods Declaration in international shipping is a document prepared by a consigner (international shipper) in order to certify that the internationally shipped dangerous goods are been packaged, labeled, and declared in accordance with standard international shipping regulations for international shipping of seafreight

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  1. When creating and signing the dangerous goods declaration, one signs for compliance in all aspects with the applicable code (the IMDG Code for sea freight) and one will be liable for any non-compliance with the IMDG Code. Often the MO41 is drafted based on provided paperwork and the cargo is not physically inspected. A number of potential issues may be missed and the shipment will travel non.
  2. First, you must declare all the dangerous goods that you are shipping from China. Failure to do this will lead to the airline refusing to ship your cargo. Also, you need to ensure that you have complied with the IATA regulations on shipping of dangerous goods including packaging and labeling requirements
  3. When making a dangerous goods shipment, ensure that all dangerous items are declared in your air waybill and commercial invoice under Item Description. Additionally, most couriers will require you to complete an expanded international air waybill and include a 24-hour telephone number on your shipper's declarations. Any errors in this documentation can lead to massive delays at customs
  4. The dangerous goods description shall be supplemented as required by the Code (see of the Code), this includes (as applicable): - Total quantity of dangerous goods bearing a different Proper Shipping Name, UN Number or packing group. For class 1 dangerous goods the quantity shall be the net explosive mass. For dangerous goods transported in salvage packagings an estimate of the quantity of dangerous
  5. Dangerous Goods or Hazardous Goods have been given this name for a reason.. These goods need to handled with utmost care and consideration of its dangerous nature and any mis-declaration, mis-communication or incorrect documentation could have severe consequences and could prove disastrous to human lives on shore or on a ship.
  6. Exactly this saves you packaging weight, volume and air freight costs. In addition, your goods are optimally protected during further transport. Our specially qualified, well-trained specialist staff also packs your hazardous goods and declares them for air, sea or land transport. With the advantage of being able to fall back on specially series-tested and approved hazardous goods cartons, we use tailor-made packaging for you

Introduction. If you transport dangerous goods by air, sea, road, rail or inland waterway, you must pack and transport them according to international regulations SHIPPER'S DECLARATION FOR DANGEROUS GOODS Shipper Air Waybill No. Page of Pages Shipper's Reference Number (optional): Consignee Two completed and signed copies of this Declaration must be handed to the operator. TRANSPORT DETAILS This shipment is within the limitations prescribed for: (delete non-applicable) Airport of Departure Airport of Destination: WARNING Failure to comply in all. The Dangerous Goods List is divided into 11 columns as follows: Column 1 'UN No.' - this column contains the serial number assigned to the article or substance under the United Nations system. Column 2 'Name and description' - this column contains the proper shipping names in uppercase characters, which may be followed by additional descriptive text presented in lowercase characters (see 3.1.2. We offer designated dangerous goods freight sailings to and from the Islands. Find the next Dangerous Goods sailing on the timetables and fares pages. Our drivers and vehicles are certified, and we have staff on site that are trained and experienced to comply with safe handling and transportation of your dangerous goods and hazardous substances. To help with the safe and prompt delivery of.

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